About Tim and Danielle

Welcome to our 26andrich.com blog. Follow our blog’s updates here. This is Tim and Danielle from San Mateo, we are a couple that enjoys a full time internet marketing lifestyle and also we are “stay at home” parents!

We have managed in our mid 20s to leave the corporate world and live under our own terms and work schedule. This allows us to spend much more time with our 2year old baby and well this is what happiness is about.

Here we will share informative articles, videos and tutorials related to internet marketing ways to make money online and achieve the desirable lifestyle.

Our educational resources will include subjects like affiliate marketing, social media, search engine optimization, website flipping, building a business as a domain vendor and much more. We will share resources from other websites that have helped us become knowledgeable enough to enjoy a life that we chose for ourselves.

We hope you will be inspired and learn enough to take your life in your hands. That is if you enjoy the internet lifestyle and making money from home and being your own boss. It has advantages and lots of challenges. But if you want it bad enough, it is not impossible. It is doable.

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